Waste Not Want Not

I’ve previously chattered about recycling pieces of stained glass that have become too small to be used in future projects. This time I take the idea a step further and apply it to ridiculously tiny shards of fusing glass.

What do you do with the tiny shards of glass that reImagesult from working with fusing glass? Do you sweep them away and put them in your waste bin or do you recycle them?

In the picture you see some tiny shards of various kinds of glass that I collect in a small container. When I have enough I lay alternating layers of “sprinkles” and clear fusing glass into a heap then fire them until they have fused and turned (approximately) circular. I like the three-dimensional effect that results from having several layers and the results are always pretty. And, of course, you can’t buy globs like these! All it takes is a small microwave kiln.

I either use these “fancy globs” in my own work or sell them. I only sell the larger ones so that I’m sure kids don’t poke them up their noses or try to swallow them. As these globs are rather more exciting then the plain ones made from scrap glass (see previous posting) I charge more for them. Well, uniqueness surely demands a premium!

Please bear in mind that you shouldn’t mix different kinds of stained glass unless you know they have the same coefficient of expansion (COE). The examples in the picture are made of Bullseye COE 90 glass – but no other kinds. I don’t want them to unexpectedly shatter due to stresses!


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