Punching Foil

Awhile back I promised to let you know about my experiments with the kind of hole punches that are used by card crafters. Now is the time to tell you what I discovered. I’m sorry to say it’s mixed news.

In the upper right of the photograph you can see a copper foil sheet from which a few leaf and flower shapes have been punched – I did more and other shapes but I’m sure you get the idea.

If you look carefully you can see that the cut-out shapes are not always as good as you get when punching card stock. In particular, look at the small flower shapes where you can see a petal is missing in each of them. The leaves of the other cut-out shape do however get punched properly but what you don’t see is that it took some time to unravel and smooth out the copper foil as they were always mangled and twisted by the hole punch, despite being cut properly.

In the photograph you will see a selection of some of the fancy hole punches I used. I found that the blue and green hole punches shown in the photograph worked the best, perhaps because you press down directly above the cutting die. I had less success with punches where there was a lever assembly such that you are not pressing down directly above the cutting die, of which the red cutter is an example. Despite this generalisation, it is not so predictable whether or not a particular hole punch will work well, or not Рyou really have to try them out to discover whether they work well or not.

I also found that it is best if you use work on a hard surface and press carefully with a firm hand. This probably applies to punching holes out of card stock too.

So, in conclusion, it is possible to use fancy crafting hole punches with copper foil. But you should expect a significant portion the cut-outs to be faulty or need smoothing flat with at least some of the hole punches.

Would I recommend you rush out to buy your own hole punches? Well, perhaps. If you’re unlucky enough to buy a hole punch that routinely produces unusable cut-outs them you’ll need to have a friend who does card crafting – a suitable recipient for the punches that don’t work with copper foil. With Christmas on the horizon, now is perhaps the time to buy some and try them out.

Perhaps I should also be testing aluminium cooking foil. It’s thinner so will punch more easily, but will it be so thin that it rips more easily?


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2 Responses to Punching Foil

  1. When you are trying to punch out foil try putting a piece of card stock under the foil so it does give cleaner edges and a better result.

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