What next?

I’ve done quite a few articles over the last few days. They’re the result of research I have been doing over the last couple of months. It’s what I do in the quiet, dark and cold evenings over winter when there’s nothing to watch on TV.

But, am I chattering about things you want to hear? Are there other themes or subjects you want me to talk about?

For example, would you like me to look into types of solder and give you some clarity about why you should choose and use one grade rather than another?

Or how about a discussion about what temperature is safe for you to open up your kiln?

I may be a bit nerdy, trying to understand the world around me, but at least I’m trying to be helpfully nerdy.

I’m open to your suggestions. Do please let me know.




About chatterglass

Maker of stained glass frippery.
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