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Glass Devitrification – Look Closer

I want to chatter about glass devitrification but there’s far too much to say in a single posting. Therefore I’ll start the topic by talking about correctly identifying devitrification. I will leave further related topics for future postings. As is … Continue reading

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Lubricate Your Cutter Wheel

I did plan to write about glass cutters but got side-tracked by comments relating to”cutting oil” and suggested alternative whilst browsing around on the Internet. I promise to come back to glass cutters at some future date. Sorry, but there are no … Continue reading

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Etching and Engraving Dichroic Glass

Whilst browsing around the Internet recently I encountered comments about etching dichroic glass. I found plenty of vague and conflicting comments about what to do and what to expect. So today’s posting is about some experiments I have been doing. I … Continue reading

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Use Your Glass Grinder Waste!

For many years I have been accumulating dried glass grinder waste in huge pickle jars with no clear idea about what to do with it. But now I have. But what do you do with the sloppy mess in your … Continue reading

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Why Does Black Glass Melt Fastest?

It is not uncommon for glass fusers to notice that black glass comes out of a kiln processed more than clear glass. Some have also noticed that the use of iridised or dichroic glass seems to exacerbate uneven heating, commenting … Continue reading

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A Hole In One

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should drill holes in glass before or after fusing. On the one hand, drilling the holes in a finished piece gives you complete control of exactly where the hole will be. But … Continue reading

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