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Undercut Your Dichro

Today’s blog is mercifully short. There’s no maths or science and it isn’t even a fantastic new discovery that will change the world. It’s more of a helpful tip to those who’ve maybe not realised there’s an answer to the … Continue reading

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Secrets of the Microwave Kiln

I’ve just bought my third Hot Pot Maxi microwave kiln. But, why buy yet another “toy” kiln when I already have a “proper” glass kiln of a distinctly robust and modern design? I hope to answer that question by talking … Continue reading

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Repairing a Broken Mould

Today’s chatter describes an attempt to repair a broken ceramic mould so that it can be brought back into useful service. The repair process takes time and patience but it might help you salvage a expensive broken clay mould. If … Continue reading

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Stretch, Bend and Squiggle

If you only ever use stringers¬†for straight lines and think that the advent of 0.5 mm diameter stringers is exciting then this blog probably isn’t for you. Ditch those¬†straight line stringers. Get stretching, bending and squiggling. Read on! Stretch and … Continue reading

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Use Your Glass Grinder Waste!

For many years I have been accumulating dried glass grinder waste in huge pickle jars with no clear idea about what to do with it. But now I have. But what do you do with the sloppy mess in your … Continue reading

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What is High Temperature Wire?

Whether you have been using it in your microwave kiln, or your “proper” kiln, you may be be wondering what “high temperature wire” actually is. You may also be rather baffled and somewhat irritated by the high price you have … Continue reading

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Cremated Plant Inclusions

Whether you use a big kiln or a little microwave kiln you’ll have noticed that fibre paper and ceramic ropes change when fired, first by turning black and then miraculously turning white again as their organic components burn away leaving … Continue reading

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