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Traditional Leaded Light Construction

It’s not often that I construct a leaded light but having done so recently I thought I should share some notes with you. They may help you as a newcomer or give you some new ideas if it’s an activity … Continue reading

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Which Solder Should I Use?

There are several kinds of solder available for stained glass work. Are you always using the right kind? There’s a lot of good advice and information on the Internet. There’s also a lot that isn’t. That’s the trouble with the … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Safety Flux

You will be familiar with safety flux if you make tiffany-style copper foiled stained glass panels, and if you are, you may be interested in this posting because it can save  you some money. I’ve looked at several manufacturer safety … Continue reading

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Make your own Copper Patina for Lead and Solder

For a small fraction of the price of a bottle of copper patina solution you could be buying a lifetime’s supply of the active ingredient – and just add water. The chemical you need is called copper(II)sulphate pentahydrate (CuSO4.5H20) and … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Finishing Compound

If you’ve ever used glass finishing compounds like Kem-o-Pro or LIVA Glass Polish you’ll know they’re really useful for polishing your glass, solder and lead work and for giving it a protective coating of wax. They’re  also very useful for … Continue reading

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Lead and Solder Inclusions

In a previous posting I started to explore the use of metal wires in a microwave kiln. This time I extend my exploration into the realms of lead and solder scraps as inclusions within glass. In some ways you could … Continue reading

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