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Secrets of the Microwave Kiln

I’ve just bought my third Hot Pot Maxi microwave kiln. But, why buy yet another “toy” kiln when I already have a “proper” glass kiln of a distinctly robust and modern design? I hope to answer that question by talking … Continue reading

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Use Your Glass Grinder Waste!

For many years I have been accumulating dried glass grinder waste in huge pickle jars with no clear idea about what to do with it. But now I have. But what do you do with the sloppy mess in your … Continue reading

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Why Does Black Glass Melt Fastest?

It is not uncommon for glass fusers to notice that black glass comes out of a kiln processed more than clear glass. Some have also noticed that the use of iridised or dichroic glass seems to exacerbate uneven heating, commenting … Continue reading

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