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Shake Your Globs

If my early chattering about making globs from scraps of ordinary stained glass in Recycling Scraps of Stained GlassĀ and with fusing glass at Waste Not Want NotĀ have inspired you to make your own then maybe today’s blog will be of … Continue reading

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Repairing a Broken Mould

Today’s chatter describes an attempt to repair a broken ceramic mould so that it can be brought back into useful service. The repair process takes time and patience but it might help you salvage a expensive broken clay mould. If … Continue reading

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Use Your Glass Grinder Waste!

For many years I have been accumulating dried glass grinder waste in huge pickle jars with no clear idea about what to do with it. But now I have. But what do you do with the sloppy mess in your … Continue reading

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Lead and Solder Inclusions

In a previous posting I started to explore the use of metal wires in a microwave kiln. This time I extend my exploration into the realms of lead and solder scraps as inclusions within glass. In some ways you could … Continue reading

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Waste Not Want Not

I’ve previously chattered about recycling pieces of stained glass that have become too small to be used in future projects. This time I take the idea a step further and apply it to ridiculously tiny shards of fusing glass. What … Continue reading

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Useful Without Match

Do you throw away used matches or do you recycle them? I save used matches and snip off the burned ends. The resulting wooden sticks have many uses, not only relating to glass crafts. For fused glass work they’re a … Continue reading

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Recycling Scraps of Stained Glass

You know how it is. No matter how hard you try, you always end up with an ever-increasing collection of scraps of stained glass that are too small to use in your projects. You’re reluctant to throw away the scraps … Continue reading

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